5 Best Log Splitters
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5 Best Log Splitters

Today, there are not that many reasons to drive us towards using an ax to split the logs. Since technologies have fruitfully developed, they are not only less of a pain in the back but are far less expensive than they used to be in the past decades. Although a proficient log splitter is a bigger investment than a traditional ax, the benefits are numerous and the additional spent money is for the better of your health and time. Here we enlist 5 blue-ribbon log splitters to help you out at chopping the wood.

1. Sun Joe Log Splitter

At a reasonable price, this log splitter can perform any above-average work since it features 20-tons of horsepower. Another highlight of this machine is the hydraulic ram that enables smooth operation. Moreover, the integrated cradle prevents the wood from falling, thus, sparing some extra squats from your behalf. Also, the instrument can keep in place already split wood, so that you could proceed to split it in quarters. Other accessories include wheels at the bottom of the machine for easier transporting.

2. Boss Industrial ES7T20

This is a professional and efficient splitter that won both the audience and the critics, and Amazon scored it as a top choice. To get it going, you have to place the log onto the splitter and then manually push it towards the wedge. Although this model features fewer tons of horsepower, 7 to be exact, it virtually compensates on another end. The machine boasts of a four-way included splitter that enables you to perform splitting on larger logs. Also, since the electric engine has two horsepower, this log splitter caters to one of the most powerful motors on the market.

3. Swisher Log Splitter

This is a heavy-duty splitter with rich horsepower and extends to up to 28 tons of splitting force while delivering maximum performance due to the 2-stage pump. Also, there’s a lot of versatility regarding the position you’re opting to split from since this model caters to both vertical and horizontal working position. Another convenient perk of the Swisher log splitter is the integrated cradle, which minimizes the chances of the log falling.

4. Champion 100251

Although pricier, this machine delivers a proficient job on any above-average splitting duty. If you’re not on a budget, the 2-year warranty and the lifetime technical support seem like a reasonable bargain. Structurally-wise, the machine features a reinforced steel wedge, which is probably one of the sturdiest wedges on the market today. One drawback might be the fact that this log splitter operates on gas, which might be another costly investment in the long run.

5. Wen 56207

Since Wen log splitter features a stand, you can expect to let go of squatting while splitting. With 6-tons of splitting force, the machine works solely on energy, which makes this splitter a fairly sustainable option and uncostly too. Regarding accessories, the model features wheels attached to the bottom for you to move it around easily. Also, the stand is removable, so you can store it in compact areas without absorbing all the space left.

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