10 Signs A Guy Likes You
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10 Signs A Guy Likes You

While most men are pretty straightforward, there are some who prefer to keep their feelings well-hidden, making it difficult for a woman to figure out if the man they’re interested in likes them back. Fortunately, there are a few ‘tells’ for when a man likes you, starting from body language and the way he talks whenever you’re around.

We’ll soon try to find out what these tells are and what exactly you should look for whenever you’re in his company. So without further ado, here is how to tell if a guy likes you or if he’s simply not into you.

He seems different around you

If you notice a guy acting differently to the way he typically behaves around other people when in your presence, it is a clear sign that he likes you. For instance, if he listens to you a lot more attentively, talks in a completely different manner when you are the audience, and generally seems to respond a lot more strongly to you, then he really likes you. In fact, the way he acts when he is around you is a dead giveaway.

He is nervous around you

When a guy likes a girl, he will generally tend to get nervous. This means that by simply being in your presence, he loses his composure and acts strangely and excitedly. Unless this is his typical behavior, then you are the reason behind his anxiety. More importantly, this indicates that the guy likes you and you have a very strong effect on him. So if you were wondering how to know if a guy likes you then this might be it, because no man can keep their composure around a woman he finds attractive.

He can’t run out of things to talk about

A guy who is into you will use the slightest chance he can find to talk to you. In fact, he will not be above discussing the insignificant details of his life or call and text to let you know of the slightest details of his day. The guy may even call to ask for advice or opinions about something, all of which are just ways to keep the conversation between the two of you alive. All these signs undeniably prove that the guy really likes you.

He always has time for you

If a guy can be reached whenever you need him, chances are that he really likes you. Otherwise, you would not be such a high priority in his life. This is even more evident when you find him setting aside plans he had made much earlier to accommodate your needs. Additionally, in such cases, any attempts at contact will often be met with enthusiasm, a very clear sign that the guy is interested.

He often talks about you to others

If a guy is regularly talking about you to the people close to him or those he meets, then he likes you. You may be lucky to hear this from the horse’s mouth, or through interactions with people he has talked to. But basically, if you get the feeling that you are the subject of many of his conversations, then the guy is into you. So how do you know if a guy likes you or if he’s just making pleasant conversation? Easy. He’ll usually have nothing but good things to say about you.

His body language says is it all

Sometimes a guy will not use words to say what he truly feels about you, but his body can say all you need to know. For instance, if he seems to lean in during conversations or any other occasions, then he is trying to stir a mutual connection. Things like handshakes or other forms of touching may also last longer than necessary, sometimes ending in lingering eye contacts. All these are signs that the guy truly likes you.

He is protective of you

A guy who is attracted to you will show unusual concern for you and be quite protective of you. In fact, he will be generally excited whenever an opportunity to assist you with something comes up. He will also want to know whether you arrived safely after setting out on a journey, ask if you are cold and offer his coat, and find numerous other ways to take care of you.

He steals glances

If you regularly catch him stealing glances at you and then turning away as soon as you notice, he is drawn to you. The lingering looks mean that there is something beyond a platonic friendship and that the guy likes you. As a matter of fact, one of the most obvious signs a guy likes you is that he looks at you in a way he doesn’t really look at any other woman. If he is really interested in you that way, then he will always try to steal glances whenever he finds the chance.

He really listens

In most other conversations, guys will get distracted and look away or stray off-topic, but when a guy is into you, he will pay attention to every word you say. If you find him still interested even when you talk about things he hasn’t the slightest interest in, then he is not just a really good listener – he likes you. In fact, the fact that he pays attention to every single thing you say is one of the most obvious signs he likes you sincerely.

He lets you see his sensitive side

Guys don’t like to show their sensitive side, unless to people who are really special to them. So, when a guy can open up to you, it is a dead giveaway that he likes you. Guys will often feel ashamed to express their vulnerabilities, largely because the society expects them to. To a great extent, this is what they actually do. So, when a guy can put aside this life-long conditioning to show you who he really is, you can bet that he likes you.

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